Acid Attack Horror Video Shows a Prankster Throwing Water In Woman’s Face as “Joke”

One of YouTube’s popular pranksters who is living in Great Britain sparked a massive outrage with his latest acid attack prank video. In his video, the 22-year-old Mosallah is freaking people out when he throws water into their faces, reminding them of the horrible acid attack last year.
In 2017, Britain got the highest rates above any nation in the world for a possible acid attack. There are recorded more than 400 assaults involving highly corrosive substances. [VIDEO BELOW]
Fourteen people were injured in a London nightclub last April when a man threw acid on those present. One of Mosallah’s pranks videos shows him approaching a group of women, then suddenly throw several cups of water at them. As the women scream, he runs away, smiling. [VIDEO BELOW]
Many of his victims reacted with anger. One person, who claimed to have lost an eye in an acid attack, called his pranks “horrendous.”

“If this person was brandishing a toy gun to joke terrorize people, the police would be called in to manage the situation. This is no different,” the Twitter user wrote. Political activist Bashir Ibn Omar added, “Given the rise in acid attacks of late, I find this to be extremely disturbing.”
He continued, “The ‘YouTuber’ is aware of the current climate and has chosen to exploit that for some kicks. @YouTube should take action against him and definitely shouldn’t allow him to profit off causing distress.”
YouTube did in fact act, taking down the video for violating the company’s policy on “harassment and bullying” after it reached over 1.6 million views.
Moreover, several commenters suggested Mosallah should be arrested for assault. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said he “could have been arrested for the prank,” according to The Independent.
YouTube’s anti-harassment rules prohibit “Maliciously recording someone without their consent” and “Deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone.”
Mosallah — whose channel has about 660,000 subscribers — protested the move, accusing the media of slandering him, The Washington Post reported. He wrote, “You’re crying over one video that was a joke and was never meant to be for these old boring people.”