Behar Is Officially Done After Disgraceful Attack On The Trump Family

Joy Behar took her assaults on President Trump much too far, when she targeted his family, however, it didn’t end luckily for her.

The Daily Caller announced that on Friday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar said that Trump’s family are all “going to end up together in prison. And maybe that’s a good thing.”

“I wonder why they don’t look at themselves in the mirror — Ivanka and Jared — and realize they have become a liability, not an asset,” said CNN contributor Ana Navarro, who was guest hosting the ABC talk show.

“Wait a second. Trump is a liability to the country,” Joy Behar reacted. “I said to my husband this morning, ‘Why is he still there?’ He said, ‘Because he was elected.’”

Twitter users, in any case, immediately let Joy Behar realize that they don’t give a hoot what she considers:

Joy Behar has been bashing President Trump for over a year now. Back in December, she said she is rooting for him to fail.

“I’m not so sure I want him to succeed at destroying the environment, playing chicken with Kim Jong-Un. So, I don’t want him to succeed at a lot of things,” she stated.