CNN’s Jim Acosta Tried To Derail The Historic Meeting

CNN’s Jim Acosta once again crossed the line. During the historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, Acosta began shouting questions, then took things too far. At one point Trump and Kim Jong Un paused on the balcony during a break.

Jim Acosta showed his true colors with the most disgusting question at the most inappropriate time.

“Mr President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?… Any progress, Mr. President?… Mr. President, how’s it going so far, sir? What do you think?shouted Acosta from the crowd. “Very good. Very very good. Excellent relationship. Thank you, thank you very much,” responded Trump. “Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?” shouted Acosta. Acosta also shouted, “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier sir?”

Then it gets worse, when Trump and Kim Jong Un moved on and stopped addressing him, Acosta was caught in an embarrassing hot mic. “Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the f*cking meeting, then that’s what happens,” said Acosta with the microphone still on.

Acosta’s behavior sparked outrage among the social media users.

“Looks like Jim @Acosta was trying to sabotage the #TrumpKimSummit by screaming at Kim Jong Un like a lunatic. Why is he allowed in the press pool?” tweeted author Mark Dice.

“Easily the most annoying person in the White House press corps, and that’s saying something considering how crowded the field is,” tweeted Washington Examiner writer T. Becket Adams.

Acosta believes he has the right to punish the President if he doesn’t get everything he wants. He was willing to derail a historic meeting to feed his own pathetic ego.

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