FBI’s Raid Just Discovered Obama’s Massive Secret That Was Hidden For YEARS!

When Barack Obama was the man in the big house, he and his fellow Democrats got everything they needed and were able to get away with any secret deal they made. Right now the things have changed since President Trump took over the big house, he made it very clear that he will blow off the lid on the nation’s sleaziest scandals. And yes, he is doing it already.

From the latest raid made by the FBI in South Carolina, it is said that what they found is worse than anything we initially thought.

An owner of a gas station in South Carolina which was named after Obama was arrested and charged with tax evasion. The people from the Revenue Department revealed Murad A. Alhanik’s secret, the owner of the Obama Mart on North Main Street, and they charged him with four counts of sales tax evasion.

Officials say Alhanik did not pay more than $136,000 in sales taxes over four years, and his secret was found in a long time period checkup in which was shown that he evaded taxes by underreporting sales from 2013 to 2016.

“Alhanik filed monthly sales tax returns reporting a total of $971,935 in gross sales. However, the DOR investigation revealed actual sales to be $2,688,533. Due to the underreported sales, the defendant evaded paying $136,753 in sales taxes due to the state of South Carolina,” the DOR said in a statement.

Clearly, just like his idol Obama, Alhanik thought he was above the law. Alhanik is facing up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each count.

Alhanik bought the South Carolina gas station in 2011 and made headlines when he named it after Trump. He claimed that the rebranding resulted in an uptick of business. “I see more people come in,” Alhanik said. “Excited with the name.”

In January of 2017, Alhanik boasted that he would not be changing the name of the store despite Obama not being president anymore because “it’s still history”. We’re glad to see that Alhanik has finally been brought to justice. Hopefully, his idol Obama can join him in prison soon as well!