Frederica Wilson Viciously Attacks Barron Trump Again

If there’s one thing that Dem. Frederica Wilson is trying to be in the past couple of months is, relevant. She has made big headlines once again and as everyone has expected, it had something to do with her ranting against Donald Trump and his administration but this time, she didn’t attack either one of the previously mentioned targets, but instead, she went after the president’s 11-year-old son, Barron.

Reports say that Frederica has predicted that Trump would resign from office and in order to justify his move, he would make up an excuse such as “somebody is trying to kill Barron.” She then went on saying, “We just have to, like the slogan says, say woke; just stay woke, be careful, because I can see the wheels turning now. We are marching towards impeachment, there is no question about it.”

Wilson used her opportunity on Thursday in front of the press to fully let go of herself and any control that she had left when it came to not ranting against the commander-in-chief, his family, and his administration and continued on, “So we have to make sure, Rev. Sharpton, that we are prepared when this happens so we don’t just wake up one day blindsided,” she said.

Then she made the controversial remarks about the president’s son saying that when somebody is going to be “indicted about this president, “he is going to realize that he is probably the next on the list,” before drawing her final conclusion. “And I think that he is going to come up with some excuse like ‘somebody is trying to kill Barron, so I’m going to resign.'”