Insane Woman Peed On Dead Soldiers’ Memorial

Ungrateful Insane woman named Kelly Martin, 42, decided to show the dead soldiers who fought for her exactly what she thought of their personal sacrifice.

The Insane Kelly Martin, popped a squat in broad daylight and decided to pee on a war memorial in April, publicly exposing herself to everyone who walked by, but urinating was not enough for her to adequately express her sentiments apparently. So, she returned to the scene yet again last month, while out on bail for her first offense.

For the most decent human beings, whenever they visit a war memorial, they find themselves reflecting on the incredible sacrifices that generations of brave soldiers have made to preserve their freedoms.

However, Martin desecrated the memorial during a very sacred time, as locals were mourning the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, where more than one million men were wounded or killed, making it the bloodiest battle in all of human history.

The jobless mother-of-five was brought before an extremely pissed judge, who decided to throw the book at her this time, handing down a seven-month sentence for her disgusting antics.

“Each of these offenses is so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate,” judge John Lodge said during the sentencing.

“The two cases of outraging public decency involve urinating on a war memorial. Inevitably war memorials were constructed at the center of towns and villages, so on a daily basis the people could be reminded of the sacrifices made by the soldiers who died. What makes your case particularly bad is having been caught while doing it one time, when the nation was commemorating the worst battle of the first world war you were caught doing it again in the middle of the day,” the judge added.

The Insane alcoholic was also found guilty of assaulting a paramedic that same day, after throwing a bottle of Smirnoff vodka at his head, then proceeding to rub her naked behind against his leg.

After the judge had informed her of her sentence, she just had two words for the courtroom before she was led out in cuffs: “F*** THIS!” she screamed.

The prosecuting attorney relayed more disturbing events from that day, saying that the woman exposed herself to children before dropping her pants.

The officer said that “She was having a beer in her hand and was struggling to pull her trousers up and I was shocked and disgusted to my core that someone could be so darn offensive.”

Hopefully, this insane, disgusting human being learns her lesson, but for one local army veteran this wasn’t enough. He said that he felt like the sentence handed down by the judge was too light.

“I am disappointed by the sentence that the judge gave, but his hands were tied. He had no sentencing guidelines to work with,” army veteran Kenneth Campbell from Veterans Radio Net, stated.

It is truly disturbing how much we have regressed as a society, as there seems to be no sacred honor for anything anymore. This woman’s ancestors must be rolling over in their graves right now.