Joy Behar Interrupts Meghan McCain’s tearful tribute to Krauthammer to attack McConnell

During Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s ‘The View,’ the panel discussed the recent announcement by Fox News’ conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer.

On Friday, the Pulitzer Prize-winning political analyst revealed the heartbreaking news that he is in the final stages of a losing battle with cancer.

Meghan McCain paid an emotional tribute to her former Fox News colleague Krauthammer. But while she was tearfully speaking, fellow “The View” co-host Joy Behar interrupted with an attack on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McCain spoke fondly of Krauthammer, saying, “His voice has been so important because he’s always so fair to Trump supporters and to the never-Trumpers and to everything in between. He was always measured, he was never overly emotional and he really understands the pulse of conservatism. I’m sorry. I feel like God’s giving everybody I love in politics cancer, and I just am going to miss him a lot.”

The sole conservative on the panel was commending Krauthammer’s unwavering ability to call both sides, saying that it was hard to be the one in the middle fighting for rational conservatism when Behar jumped in.

“McConnell is radio silence on all of this. The guy attacks Canada and embraces Russia, and nothing from Mitch McConnell. You’re a disgrace. You’re a disgrace, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of them keeping silent.”


Whoopi Goldberg quickly reined things in, changing the subject to discuss the recent heart attack and recovery of White House Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow. She said simply, “We wish him well.”

Meghan McCain also responded to the heartbreaking news on Twitter.

“I am beyond heartbroken by this news. Charles is one of the most brilliant political minds of our time – a true icon and DC legend. He has also always been my favorite analyst. I wish him and his family peace and prayers during this time. We are all with you – sending strength” McCain tweeted.

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