Judge Napolitano: “Congress Is About To Blow A ‘Radical Hole’ In The U.S Constitution”

Judge Andrew Napolitano says that the continuation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is dangerous for American citizen’s civil liberties and will destroy our constitution’s fourth amendment which guarantees privacy in our people, houses, papers, and effects.

“FISA did not interfere with the standard understanding or use of the Fourth Amendment by the government and the courts. But, it did add another way for the government to invade privacy when its wish is to surveil people for national security purposes – a return to general warrants – as opposed to solely gathering evidence of crimes,” says judge Napolitano.

Since 1977, the FIAA court had issued over 99% of the warrants the government had requested and none of these warrants specify the place or person that needs to be searched.

“A typical FISC-issued warrant authorizes government surveillance on all landlines, mobile devices and desktop computers in a given area. One infamous FISC-issued search warrant has permitted the feds to surveil all Verizon customers in the United States – in excess of 115 million people – without any evidence or crime or even suspension about any of them,” says Napolitano.

The judge claims that nowadays the federal government’s computers are permanently connected to the mainframes of all telecoms and computer service providers in America, so the spying is in real time.

President Trump wants to support this act because it was this kind of surveillance activity that he has been subject to when the government surveillance his home after reports about collusion with the Russian government came out.