Kidnapped Woman Found In Woods By A Group of Christmas Tree Hunters

These days there are a lot of reported cases of kidnapped or raped women. And the number is rapidly growing with all the hate and propaganda teachings in our country.

Events like this usually happen to our female citizens because the kidnappers are usually men without a brain and they are treating their complexities with individuals of the opposite sex.

A group of Christmas Tree hunters went out searching for Christmas trees in California and suddenly instead of chopping trees, they found something completely unexpected. The group of tree hunters found a half-naked woman, who was the victim of a kidnapping and assault.

Authorities broke out the news immediately after this group came back with the woman instead of searching for Christmas trees in a California forest — they found her partially naked.

The seasonal search party on Monday stumbled across the 25-year-old woman suffering from exposure and wearing only shorts in a rural woodsy area of Redding, where she’d spent the night drinking from mud puddles and huddled in a burned out tree to survive the rain and snow.

The victim, who wasn’t identified, told officers she’d been taken Sunday afternoon by two people she knew because they thought she’d snatched their drugs, police said.