Angry Muslim Threatening Christians Who Refuse To Convert To Islam

A Major Muslim person from Trinidad, Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, has sent a message to all the Christians and said, “If you refuse to convert to Islam, then the only thing standing between you and us is the sword.” Below is the full statement:

“To the Christians I say, you know that you have strayed far away from the true teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Your book was corrupted so long ago by your leaders. I call on you to remember the first two commandments, for they are what led me to Islam and to the true teachings of all the prophets. Submit to the one who created you and do not differentiate between the prophets, for they all came with the same message. Follow the final messenger, Muhammad, for in doing so you will be following all of the prophets. If you refuse, then we offer you the option to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation. If you refuse, then the only thing standing between you and us is the sword.

Trinidadian Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi is among Isis spokespeople from several countries who have urged sympathizers, including among T&T Muslims, to launch home turf attacks against Christians. At-Trinidadi’s story which is based on the theme “Break The Cross” is featured in the July edition of Dabiq, Isis’ online magazine being published since 2014. It is aimed at recruitment, Unitarianism, truth-seeking, migration and holy war.

National Security Minister, Edmund Dillon, has said that the Government was probing both the issue as well as the Dabiq report. Dillon spoke with the T&T Guardian after a meeting with law enforcement heads as well as international officials. Intelligence agencies are tracking the descriptions in the article against information on those individuals known to have gone to Syria over 2011-2016.