Navy SEAL Parents Reveal Hidden Truth about Trump, that the Media Won’t Show

As always the mainstream media are more focused on sharing the bad news to the citizens of the USA. But the reality is that since President Trump took office he made a very specific changes to the way the US Government operates.

Every Tuesday night I drive to the nearest church for a Bible study. Usually the conversation starts as spiritual but after half an hour it transforms into political. But this week there was a new elderly couple who attended the meeting. After a quick conversation it just so happens they have a 30-year-old son who is a member of the Navy SEALs.

After the Bible reading the conversation went to political and about the NFL’S latest protests regarding police brutality. During the conversation one of the couple said something that caught everyone’s attention. “Our son in Iraq is much safer now that President Trump is in office.”

Everyone was curious and they asked why so. They were happy and honored to answer that their navy seal son “the minute that Gen. Mattis took over the Department of Defense, our son got safer. Gen. Mattis is allowing our young men to protect them self’s in the field through greatly improved rules of engagement.”

These “Rules of engagement” in a tactical term are known as rules that service members must follow when engaging an enemy. It deals with the tactical issues governing the on-the-ground communications between units and the setting of a short-term tactics and responses.

For example, during Obama’s presidency the generals had too much interference in their decision making by a left-wing Obama political operatives. But since Mr. Trump took office all rules got changed. He ordered the Pentagon and on-the-scene commanders to make decisions as the situation warrants.

The spark of happiness and the smiling faces of these proud American parents have been all around my head this week. In the mean time watching those spoiled rich brats of the NFL who are protesting against our country, flag, traditions and our President.

It is good to know that our troops are now much more safer because of our new president as commander and chief. He has proven that a president needs to put the life of a soldier first and that their decisions should be their own not controlled by a liberal bureaucrats.