New York Times Writer Roger Cohen Spents His Christmas Writing Against the President and His Supporters

Liberal New York Times writer called Richard Cohen has spent his Christmas Day coming up with one of the ridiculous anti-Trump screeds to have even appeared in that anti-Trump newspaper.

Roger, who is actually not from the United States originally, has concluded by insulting America under Trump as “just a squalid, oversized, greedy place past the zenith of its greatness.”

In one of his articles, Cohen has called the White House of President Donald Trump “Turmekistan-on-the-Potomac” and claimed that the President’s backers are “terrorized toadies.”

“If this is America, with a cabinet of terrorized toadies genuflecting to the Great Leader, a Vice President offering a compliment every 12 seconds to Mussolini’s understudy and a White House that believes in ‘alternative facts,’ then it is time to ‘keep your head when all you are losing theirs,'” said Cohen.

Then the writer got mad at the Republicans for liking a Republican President, as if Republicans are not allowed to admire others in their own party. “If this is America, less than a year into the Trump presidency; yes, if this is still America, where Representative Diane Black, Republican of Tennessee, thanks to the Great Leader for ‘allowing us to have you as our president,’ and Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, says Trump’s will be the greatest presidency ‘maybe ever’…”

Then he tried to use George Worwell to accuse Trump of being a Nazi, saying “If this is America, where the Great Leader wants you to believe that 2+2=5, and would usher you down his rabbit hole, and struggles to find himself unequivocal condemnation of neo-nazis…”