President Donald Trump Just Fired All Of Them

The President Trump administration has terminated the remaining 10 members of the HIV/AIDS advisory counsel in planning to appoint new members.

Each of the 10 members got a letter informing them that their appointments to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS had been cut off, according to an announcement from the executive director of the council.

“The current members of Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) received a letter informing them that the Administration was terminating their appointments,” Kaye Hayes, the council’s executive director stated.

Hayes added that the members were thanked for their “leadership, dedication and commitment.”

She cast the decision as a typical one made by an administration looking to appoint its own people to a presidential advisory committee.

“Changing the makeup of federal advisory committee members is a common occurrence during administration changes. The Obama Administration dismissed the George W. Bush Administration appointees to PACHA in order to bring in new voices,” Kaye Hayes announced.

The terminations come after 6 members of the council resigned few month ago saying that President Trump doesn’t care about HIV.

One of the members fired, Gabriel Maldonado, CEO of Truevolution in Riverside, California, said the Washington Blade that he had time remaining on his appointment to the board.

“Like any administration, they want their own people there. Many of us were Obama appointees. I was an Obama appointee and my term was continuing until 2018,” he stated.

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