Donald Trump: Paris attack ‘will have big effect’ on French election

Donald Trump has declared a terror attack that left one police officer dead and two others wounded will have a “big effect” on the country’s approaching French presidential election.

ISIS alleged that the assailant, who was killed by the french police but he wasn’t identified , “Was part of the Islamic State”.

A terrorism examination into the attack had been opened, given to the Paris prosecutor’s office. French President Francois Hollande said that leads so far demonstrated that the attack was of a “terrorist nature”.

Trump gave sympathy to France and named the attack “a terrible thing” all along a joint news conference Thursday with the Italian prime minister at the White House.

French people will have to choose on Sunday for the first round of their presidential election. Votes are currently sharpened, with centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, striving conservative Francois Fillon, socialist Benoit Hamon, far – right leader Ms Le Pen, and Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Marine Le Pen and conservative candidate Francois Fillon announced “war against Islamism” as they were looking for gaining ground in the wake of the attack. Le Pen said in a high-profile speech that France’s ‘so-called leaders’ had failed to protect citizens.

Marine Le Pen

Le Pen on one of her speeches said that France “so-called leaders” had failed to protect citizens.Trump has not disclose an conclusion on the upcoming French election, admitting he was a supporter of the British choice to exit the European Union and has instead stated his option to one-on-one trade and defense arrangement with U.S. allies.

However many people compare Trump and far-right French candidate Marine Le Pen. Two together have campaigned on a program to upend the status quo, and both have contested international organizations such as Nato and the EU.

Two together are seen in Russia as planting discord in their own country, while being more susceptible to dealing with Moscow than their rivals.