President Trump and Sarah Sanders Reveal The Leaker’s Identity

President Trump and his Press Secretary at the White House, Sarah Sanders, decided to reveal the identity of the man who has no interest in the truth and he is always backing up his liberal agenda. We are talking about Adam Schiff as you all know him and his constant bashing and advancing in his liberal agenda.

He is a clown who wants to be in the spotlight during his time at the White House and always talking some nonsense and making wild accusations at Trump for the Russia narrative. The word came out over the past few months that Rep. Schiff has been acting a little subtle when it comes to leaking information to the public that he shouldn’t usually do. This Thursday President Trump called out Schiff and the great Chuck Ross has the details.

President Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both accused California Rep. Adam Schiff of selectively leaking details of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. Trump put Schiff on blast during an interview with The Wall Street Journal in the Oval Office on Thursday morning.

“All I see of these Democrats, like Adam Schiff — it’s all he does, he’ll have a meeting, and then he’ll leave, and he’ll call up the meeting, and then I’ll have a meeting and then he’ll leave. He left meetings where people are being interviewed, and then all of a sudden they say a story about what’s going on in the meetings,” Trump explained.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Thursday that the White House owes him an apology after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused him of leaking House Intelligence Committee interviews to the press.

“They owe me an apology, but frankly it would be a wasted errand to ask for one. And if Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to have to give out apologies to everyone that he has criticized unfairly, she would be doing nothing else all day,” Schiff said on CNN