Rachel Maddow Conspiracy Theory: Deaths of US Troops in Niger Caused by Trump

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on her primetime show Thursday night peddled an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that somehow the Trump administration’s travel ban led to the deaths of four U.S. special-forces soldiers in Niger. The accusation was the repeated on Friday by fellow MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell despite the complete lack of evidence.

Maddow started off by pointing out the “New Muslim Ban” which was announced on September 24th and what countries did the Trump administration add to the list for the travel ban. “The added in North Korea, they added in Venezuela and they added in Chad. The Friday of last week,” she said.

“The government of Chad announced that they had completed the withdrawal of all Chadian troops from their neighboring country Niger. That means they pulled their troops stout starting Friday, September 29th which would be the Friday after the Trump administration made this baffling decision to insult and harm our closest military ally in that region,” she continued.

“Those troops from Chad got pulled out the 29th. Well right after that, that’s when four US Army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of ISIS fighters in the air before them killed within days of the start of the Chadian soldiers being withdrawn,” she continued.

With this, Maddow wanted to address the American people that President Trump is the one who is responsible for the deaths of those soldiers. Without any credible evidence that would support her claims she continued “So no wonder the President doesn’t want to talk about it right?”