Sarah Sanders Has Just Destroyed NBC Reporter Who Bashed Trump’s Actions On North Korea

White House Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held a press briefing where she consistently batted down angry and disrespectful reporters who bashed President Trump every chance they got.

NBC reporter Kristen Welker has immediately launched into a tirade about President Trump’s Twitter feud with North Korea over the size of his nuclear button.

“Sarah, it is a taunting tweet to say that he has a larger nuclear button than him.” And then Kristen was stunned at Sarah’s reply.

“I think it is just a fact. The President is very well aware of how the process works and what the capacity of the United States is. And I can tell you that it is greater than that of North Korea,” said Sarah.

Sarah then bashed the reporter and cut her off mid-sentence and took the next question. This is why we love her. She does not take any crap from any liberal reporters whose bosses send them to these press briefings to attack our President.

Trump’s tweet that he has a “much bigger and more powerful” nuclear button than North Korea has sparked fears that the president might blunder into a nuclear war. Anchors and pundits began questioning Trump’s mental stability, with media reporter Brian Stelter questioning whether the president has descended into “madness.”

NBC anchor Peter Alexander has asked the White House secretary if Americans should be “concerned about the president’s mental fitness” after he tweeted that he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un has.

“I think that the president and the people of this country should be concerned about the mental fitness of the leader of North Korea,” Sarah has responded. “He has made repeated threats, he’s tested missiles time and time again, for years, and this is a president who is not going to hide and be weak. And will make sure that he does what he has promised to do and that’s stand up and protect the American people.”