Sarah Sanders Touched Everyone’s Heart With a Post-Christmas Tribute for Army Brother

Our loving Press Secretary Sarah Sanders recently shared a post on the social media which touched every heart uniting even the biggest rivals. Her post was representing the sacrifice made by one military family. On the photo, she and president Donald Trump were standing next to Army Sargent Franz Walkup.

In her post, she wrote that they met with the wounded soldier last week and also explained about his two brothers who joined the military after the tragic death of their eldest brother in Iraq, 2007. “Franz Walkup was stationed in Afghanistan in 2012, when a U.S.-trained Afghan fighter shot him five times. His brothers, Kevin and Mitch, are both serving as Army captains,” Sanders said.

“Forever in debt to this family for their heroic sacrifice,” she concluded. They met under serious circumstances after Walkup battled his way with his family to secure the accommodations he needed so he can be walking again given the extensive disabilities associated with the shooting.

In 2014, WUSA shared his story, explaining that after six months in the hospital and dozens of surgeries, multiple organizations denied his request for a wheelchair-accessible ramp and other residential upgrades. Walkup, who received a Purple Heart for his sacrifice, lost the use of one leg. Since he did not initially lose the limb itself, however, he said it seemed as though some groups did not consider his injuries extensive enough to warrant the investment.

“It’s hard because it kind of feels like my sacrifice wasn’t great enough,” he said at the time. He described his situation as “that gray area” in which he has his limb but cannot use it.

He and his wife, Shannon, grew frustrated at the string of rejections they received from at least five different entities. “They act like getting shot five times wasn’t enough,” Shannon Walkup said. “Because he didn’t step on an IED. You didn’t lose extremities”.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, a charity benefiting U.S. veterans, ultimately came to the Walkups’ aid. As an October tweet revealed, the couple’s home had been retrofitted with a number of accommodations meant to help Franz Walkup move more easily throughout the residence.

According to a blog post by the non-profit organization, which was founded in 2011 by actor Gary Sinise, Franz Walkup also had his disabled leg partially amputated earlier this year. “He looks forward to using a prosthetic leg with the hopes that it will provide him more independence,” the foundation explained.