Susan Rice Picks A Fight With Trump, Kellyanne Conway Ends It In An Epic Way

Kellyanne Conway has had a standoff with former National Security Adviser Susan Rice after Rice has tweeted out an article about the Iranian protests that said the best way for the President to help Iran is to “be quiet,” as reports say.

Kellyanne has later responded to the tweet when she was on Fox & Friends and was asked about Trump’s handling of the protests and what he wishes for the Iranian people.

“I wish she had been quiet when she lied about what happened in Benghazi, when she blamed a tape when we know that that is not what has actually happened” Conway fired back on Fox News. She went on five Sunday shows and lied to the American people about it.”

What Conway is referring to are Rice’s claims that have since been debunked that an anti-Muslim video sparked the terror attack in Benghazi, where four Americans died in 2012.

“You dont’t be quiet when people are losing their lives because they are standing up for basic essential needs and freedom,” Conway said. He has made it clear, beginning as a candida te, how much he disagreed with the Obama-Clinton lack of doctrine when in came to Iran,” Conway added.

Kellyanne reiterated that Trump is unwavering in his support of the Iranian protesters and “freedom around the globe.” “This president stands with the Iranian people in their quest to get basic freedoms,” she said.