WATCH: Trump’s EPIC B-52 Bombing Decision Squashing Every Taliban in the Region

Taliban are those people who have been causing so much pain and suffering all around the globe. Their radical Islam made in their own way, is used to brainwash little children into becoming soldiers or even martyr’s in the name of Allah. There have been so many situations where children were brainwashed and turned into suicide bombers.

As many of you already know, during Barack Obama’s presidency, there wasn’t any resistance from the US forces against this serious threat. He never even tried to think about going against the radical Islam. Well, since Trump sat down in the Oval Office, things have changed. He is not someone who will turn a blind eye to this potential terrorists and he is not afraid to take action to fight them.

U.S forces in collaboration with the Afghan forces, made a team whose sole purpose is the launch a series of attacks on Taliban narcotics laboratories in southern Afghanistan this week. This decision was made because, with the production and distribution of narcotics, Taliban’s are raising money for their evil cause. From the military experts, it is said that this could be a very long air war led by Trump.

Trump ordered that US military strikes only when facing an imminent threat or working directly with the Afghans in order to reduce collateral damage. However, this strategy failed miserably, the Muslim Terrorists know very well how to exploit the weaknesses the U.S. makes when it bows down to political correctness. However, Trump isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect to beat terrorists.

Nicholson explained that the operation saw American B-52 bombers and stealth F-22 Raptor fighter jets strike eight drug labs where the Taliban was producing narcotics, including heroin, from the vast poppy fields that it controls in the region. In addition, two other facilities were struck by Afghan air forces with their American-provided A-29 Super Tucano attack planes and Afghan commandos conducted a raid on a prison in a mission tied to the operation dubbed Jagged Knife.

Nicholson said the operation will keep targeting much of the Taliban’s 400 to 500 other heroin-producing facilities throughout the coming weeks. “This is going to be steady pressure that is going to stay up,” he said in his report at the Pentagon from his headquarters in Kabul. “We’re not going to let up.”

This is all part of the new military strategy Trump began implementing in August, when he boosted American forces in Afghanistan by some 3,000 troops to the roughly 14,000 there now. His new rules also allow U.S. forces to target the Taliban directly with air strikes.