Tucker Battles Former DNC Official on MS-13: ‘You’re Stupid, Pathetic’

During Tuesday’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ the Fox News’ conservative host took aim at MS-13, a violent Salvadorian gang that became even more infamous after President Donald Trump referred to its members as “animals.”

Carlson and a former Democratic National Committee official clashed over the rising threat of the MS-13 gang, whose motto is “rape, control, kill.”

“Less than 10 miles from the White House, a middle school is being terrorized by MS-13,” Carlson said in introducing the segment. “It’s called William Wirt Middle School, and it’s one of many whose makeup has been changed entirely and almost overnight by mass settlement of unaccompanied minors entering this country from Latin America.”

Carlson cited a recent Washington Post article, which details the living nightmare that is occurring after young illegal aliens essentially imported MS-13 gang culture to the east coast.

Jose Aristimuño, the former deputy national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee appeared on Fox News to discuss the matter and suggested that some Republicans — including Carlson — have unjustly labeled Hispanics and Latinos as gang members just because of their ethnicity.

“First we were told (MS-13) don’t really exist — it’s a figment of our racist imagination. Then we were told to attack them and call them names is immoral, because they’re good people,” Carlson said, referencing the hoopla over Trump’s “animals” comment about the gang.

“Now we have The Washington Post telling us in detail about how they’ve destroyed this middle school and are terrorizing the students. Are we allowed to acknowledge that, or are we bigots for doing so?” he asked Aristimuño.

“Part of the issue here, Tucker, is that people like yourself and some Republicans want to pinpoint and just simply say because your first name’s Jose, or you’re Latino like me, I’m automatically an MS-13 gang member,” Aristimuño said.

“You’re a ridiculous person for saying that,” Carlson fired back. “I’ve never suggested anything like that. It’s appalling that you would say that. … You’re speaking a lie, and not for the first time.”

Watch the heated segment from “Tucker Carlson Tonight:”

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