U.S Senate Just Revealed the “Secret Hush-Hush Fund” Details Which Everyone Waited For

A shocking report was just released from the US Senate – Rules and Administration Committee that made everyone at Capitol Hill on high alert. In this report, the mark falls on the documents in which it is written that since 1998, the US Senate has paid out over $1,5 million on sexual harassment lawsuits.

The information which was provided by the Office of Compliance, also know as administrative body that faintly established dozens of complaints against Congressional offices, gives little by way of details, beyond an itemized list of violations and the corresponding settlement.

The report distinguishes between claims made against member-led offices and “other Senate employing offices.” Individual Senate offices have paid out approximately $600,000 in discrimination and harassment lawsuits, while other Senate employers paid out over $850,000. Listed violations include sex, age, and race discrimination, as well as violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. The largest settlements of them all involves instances of race discrimination.

GOP Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, the chair of the Rules Committee, said that specific details won’t be released to the public to respect the confidentiality of the victims. “While the Rules Committee has been eager to provide this information in a transparent manner, it has been our priority to protect the victims involved in these settlements from further harm. I am pleased that we have received assurances from Senate Legal Counsel that the release of this data does not violate confidentiality and as such, are able to make it public,” the senator explained in his statement.

Unfortunately, while not disclosing further details protects the victims, it also protects the perpetrators. Until the American public knows who is committing these crimes, those sick individuals are left in power and will most likely abuse their authority again.

What is most infuriating is that, we, the taxpayers, are footing the bill for this blatant and reprehensible cover-up. Essentially, we have been made unwitting accomplices to these politicians’ crimes.

When President Trump ran in 2016, his platform was simple: overhaul immigration, put American citizens first, and drain the swamp in Washington. Luckily for us, the President has been successful on all three fronts.