Breaking: “March for Science” today worldwide protests

A large mass of people from which most of all science supporters are protesting in many cities in the United States and around the world over the decision that President Donald Trump made for the new environmental and energy policies, set off by the opposition.

Except the main march in Washington, there were more than 500 science marches worldwide that are timed to concur on Earths Day, which are promoting the “protect the climate” event.

“March for Science” emerged from a social media movement taking its roots from the Washington Women’s March, advertised by its creators as political but non-partisan.

Thousands of people wearing white lab coats, bearing and waving flags calling for financing for scientific research in the meantime calling it, “the first step of a global movement to defend the role that science has in our health, safety, climate change and pollution to medicine.”

I think there has been a declining sense of what science means to progress. I think we take so much for granted,” said Lydia Villa-Komaroff – march honorary co-chair of the event.

Organizers of today’s event in the US and all around the globe are saying that it’s not directed against President Trump and every other leader in the world. Some of them just added that it was Trump’s administration fault that kindled this movement.

“Protecting the government’s investment in science, particularly when that includes funding for public engagement, is incredibly important” said Katherine Mathieson, prime executive of the British Science Association, she also said that “Science is not just for scientists, and I believe that all of us, whether we work in a lab or not, should have a voice on its future.”

Many scientists around the globe fear that Trump may cripple public aid in science and that now is fitting moment to speak for them self publicly.