WATCH: Liberal Stomping On American Flag, our Troops’ Response Is Amazing

The following video shows a liberal stomping on our great flag in front of our hardworking and courageous soldiers. The soldiers have decency, so rather than last out, they turn their backs on these Leftist scumbags.

Entitled liberal haters claim that they mean no disrespect to our military and our men and women in uniform. They just don’t like the policies of the commander-in-chief, but, this video demonstrates otherwise.

The disturbing video shows Erica Walker stepping on the American flag in front of a group of American soldiers in uniform, who put their lives on the line for that flag every day. The soldiers were so disgusted with what Walker was doing, so they turned their backs to her so that they would not have to look.

Unfortunately, turning their backs on her was all these soldiers could do in the current political climate in the United States. If they confronted Walker, they likely would have been accused of “racism” and would have been vilified by the mainstream media.

Watch the video below: